3D Illustration for Business

What We Do

We illustrate your parts and products for display or presentation.


Products, parts & machine Illustrations

Business Graphics

PowerPoint lacks design. Bring your presentations to life with 3D.


Once we have created the model, any view is possible.

How We Do It

Everything is custom

Send us your line drawing, part or detailed photos

From here we’ll illustrate it and give it some sizzle!

OR, Send us a file. we can work from several types.

We can read, OBJ, FBX, STL, SKP, GLTF, GLB, USD files and maybe more.

we’ll send you proofs until it’s right then the finished image

We’ll do a few screen grabs once we’ve rendered your part or product.

3D Illustrations for Manufacturing, CNC, Swiss Turn, Med-tech, Injection Molding & other industrial fabricators

These are for display and not for rendering products.

We can work from your sample or your line drawing. Choose any finish or color. Options for multiple angles and sizes.
Simple or complex. We can illustrate your parts with the sheen and surface you either have or want to have. Any color, any size, any perspective.

Injection Molded Parts
3D Illustrations for injection molded parts that you’ve produced or need to see a visual prototype before you produce it.

Whatever parts you have, they need to look clean and sterile. Sometimes a 3D rendering is cleaner than a high resolution photo.

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Drop us a line and we’ll send you an estimate for creating dynamic images for your business.

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Industrial CGI creates 3D illustrations for business. Add a little spark to your visuals with a custom graphic from Industrial CGI


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